HAHA rain Volume 2

Volume 2 should all be published by March, 2020 – hopefully sooner! Message me for some free copies before the official release date. The story lineup is below. Happy 2020!

1) The Spooky Spook
2) Don’t give candy to Bubba Washington 2
3) The Escape of Mr. Bubbles
4) Cloud Riders 2
5) Little Bob

Sleep Time is Awesome Time

I just released Sleep Time is Awesome Time. This book is designed to help awaken a child’s innate ability to discipline thoughts and fall peacefully to sleep at bedtime.

The concept is something I have worked with my own kids on over the past several years. It has worked so well for them that I decided to turn it into a book. The book is 44 pages but contains large text/graphics and can be read in 2-3 minutes at bedtime. If you have a child that has occasional bouts with anxiety, especially at night than you may want to give this book a chance. It might make a huge difference.