HAHA rain Volume 2 around the corner

I am working on the next volume of HAHA rain. The book will contain 3 new stories and a continuation of Cloud Riders and The Cave Conquerors.

I picked the lineup and have started writing and reviewing illustrations. The first of the three new stories will be about a house that has a big surprise. The second is about a horse back riding trip gone wrong and the third is about a chubby dragon named Little Bob. My son is all about the Little Bob stories and says they are the best stories ever so I have to go with it.

If you did read Volume 1 please post a comment or drop me a line on the contact form. I would love to hear what you and your kids thought of the first book. At this point only a few people have read it, but the reaction has been great so I am going to keep rolling them out. Thanks for stopping by!

Volume 1 is live!

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Welcome to the wild world of HAHA rain – where reading is fun for kids and their parents. HAHA rain books are great for bedtime stories or for kids of any age to read on their own. The stories are funny, clean, a little edgy and sometimes contain an important lesson. But not always – sometimes the stories are just plain old crazy!


Volume 1 consists of 5 books,

1. Lesson Magic: Little Timmy is getting picked on at school. The bullies were having a great time until Momma busts out some Lesson Magic on them.

2. The Cave Conquerors: Kevin and Caroline venture into the neighborhood cave to discover a giant cupcake. Instead they find something even crazier.

3. Floofy The flooferton: A lazy, spoiled squirrel learns a lesson the hard way.

4. Lucy the Sky Princess: Lucy discovers her potential and power.

5. Cloud Riders: Scooter and Pookie discover the secret to cloud jelly and become the first ever Cloud Riders. Unfortunately they forgot to prepare.

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