HAHA rain Book Reviews

The Petty Writer blog reviewed Lesson Magic, Don’t Give Candy to Bubba Washington 1 and 2, and The Spooky Spook. Check out the reviews below. I loved her one sentence summaries,

Lesson Magic / Bubba Washington review
“SUMMED UP IN A SENTENCE … Books that should entice the most reluctant of readers; such is the creativity that has gone into the writing of them.”

The Spooky Spook Review
“SUMMED UP IN A SENTENCE … Exactly the sort of books I’d suggest to those with children who find books boring.”

5. Little Bob

Little Bob is a happy go lucky dragon that can’t breathe fire and loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After being banished from his homeland, Little Bob must learn to survive by his wits while he discovers his own hidden power

4. Cloud Riders 2

Scooter and Pookie accomplished the unthinkable, riding on a cloud. Amidst the fun and excitementthey realize there is a huge question in need of an answer. How do they get down?

1. The Spooky Spook

Two brothers make a bold decision. They trek across their grandmother’s overgrown backyard to take on The Spooky Spook. A magical story about venturing into the unknown, conquering fear, and working together.

5. Cloud Riders

Scooter and Pookie turn a typical Saturday morning into a life or death adventure. Cloud Riders is about taking advantage of opportunity, overcoming fear, and strengthening the bonds of friendship.

1. Lesson magic

Sometimes a bully has to learn a lesson the hard way. Lesson Magic is a fun story about a mother’s love, treating others kindly, and good, old fashioned magic.


HAHA rain Volume 2

Volume 2 should all be published by March, 2020 – hopefully sooner! Message me for some free copies before the official release date. The story lineup is below. Happy 2020!

1) The Spooky Spook
2) Don’t give candy to Bubba Washington 2
3) The Escape of Mr. Bubbles
4) Cloud Riders 2
5) Little Bob