HAHA rain books come in Volumes of 5 books at a time. Each book is a unique story that is not connected with the other books in the same volume.

In some cases a book may be continued into the next volume. Books are released one at a time. To be notified when new HAHA rain books are released please click here.

HAHA rain Volume 2

5. Little Bob (coming soon)
4. Cloud Riders 2 (coming soon)
3. Mr. Bubbles’ Big Breakout (coming soon)

2. Don’t Give Candy to Bubba Washington 2

1. The Spooky Spook

HAHA rain Volume 1

5. Cloud Riders

4. Queen of the Honkites

3. Don’t Give Candy to Bubba Washington

2. Floofy the Flooferton

1. Lesson Magic